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The business project supported by the Smart&Start Italia program concerns the creation of a Contract Research Organization, specialized in the development and transfer of innovative and high value-added products to third-party companies operating in different fields. The aim of the project is to implement a true Dream Factory that, through the exploitation of the innovative proprietary compound platform, fulfills the aspirations of innovation, development and specialization of customer companies.
The grant consists of an interest-free cash contribution, equal to 70% of the overall investment and operating costs, of which 20% is not subject to reimbursement.
As of 31/12/2019, INVITALIA (C.F. 05678721001) contributed € 45,246.60 (of which € 36,197.28 as interest-free loan and € 9,049.32 as the portion not subject to reimbursement) in the I SAL of investment expenses for the building of a new laboratory (located in 62 S. Freud St., 96100 Syracuse, Italy). This Dream Factory laboratory will make available its know-how, protected by intellectual property, to customer companies. The ongoing project has already been successful with the activation of 6 contract-research programs commissioned by third party companies. Upon completion and full operation, the laboratory is expected to boost sales and marketing and significantly increase the number of sponsored research programs.