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The business project supported by the Smart&Start Italia program concerns the creation of a Contract Research Organization, specialized in the development and transfer of innovative and high value-added products to third-party companies operating in different fields. The aim of the project is to implement a true Dream Factory that, through the exploitation of the innovative proprietary compound platform, fulfills the aspirations of innovation, development and specialization of customer companies.
The grant consists of an interest-free cash contribution, equal to 70% of the overall investment and operating costs, of which 20% is not subject to reimbursement. Currently, INVITALIA (C.F. 05678721001) contributed € 153,224.09 (of which € 122,579.27 as interest-free loan and € 30,644.82 as the portion not subject to reimbursement) in the first, second and third SAL of investment expenses for the building of a new laboratory (located in 62 S. Freud St., 96100 Syracuse, Italy) and € 91,006.03 (of which € 73,284.22 as interest-free loan and € 17,721.81 as the portion not subject to reimbursement) in the first balance of operating costs. The project, whose investments have already been concluded, has already been successful and in the next future the laboratory is expected to boost sales and marketing and also increase the number of sponsored research programs.