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Vera Salus Ricerca is seeking scientific partners or investors to foster its growth. VSR offers several opportunities to participate in specific R&D projects (see Our Pipeline section in Proprietary Research) both at post- and pre-patent stages. VSR is open to partnership agreements aimed at co-development of technological assets and joint research projects, as well as to commercial agreements supporting marketing, business development and internationalization of its technologies and services.

Partnership options

• Co-Development: VSR is looking for partners with complementary scientific capabilities to generate synergies and accelerate research and development of projects in VSR’s or partner’s pipeline. Co-development partnerships will be tailored according to market / partner needs, with the possibility to leverage different geographies in development execution.

• NewCo(s) Incorporation: Newly incorporated companies, focused on specific, IP-protected asset’s pre-clinical and clinical development, are VSR’s preferred choice for financial investors. NewCos will take advantage of dedicated talent sourcing as well as of access to VSR’s know-how and laboratory capabilities. We are flexible both in terms of governance and localization of the NewCo, which will be tailored according to investor’s specific needs and preferences.

• Direct Fundraising: key VSR’s features appealing for potential investors include a diversified proprietary R&D pipeline, a flexible business model based on long-term out-licensing of proprietary assets and short-term contract research for third parties, an outstanding R&D team with multidisciplinary capabilities and international experience, as well as an experienced, dedicated management team.

• Out Licensing : VSR offers a wide portfolio of opportunities to companies looking for in-licensing deals. Our proprietary research pipeline currently includes 10+ projects suitable for such purposes. We also complement the standard IP licensing with support in the iterative improvement of out-licensed technologies (see Custom-made Drugs & Platforms section in Proprietary Research).