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Vera Salus Ricerca

Vera Salus Ricerca is a target discovery company whose core capability is in molecular engineering and re-combination of natural compounds (i.e. from plants).

Vera Salus Ricerca specializes in biomedical research aimed at the discovery of new molecular targets that translate into innovative technologies for the care of cancer and non-cancer patients.

Potential stakeholders interested in working with Vera Salus Ricerca include public and private research centres, universities, hospitals, research foundations, private investors, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

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Mission and Vision

Promote human well-being as a whole through the discovery and development of innovative drugs, experimental methodologies and clinical techniques, in oncology and in other therapeutic areas. Our guiding principles are: innovation in the biomedical field, scientific excellence, management transparency, high social impact of our technologies and flexibility of business development models.

“We want to make cancer a treatable disease”

Research and Development 100%
Scientific Team’s International Expertise 100%
Leading-edge technology and instrumentation 100%

Vera Salus Ricerca’s added value

  • Availability of leading-edge instrumentation
  • Innovative technologies and methods for Microscopy and Real-Time Cellular Analysis
  • Methods and standard operating procedures (SOP) to support translational research
  • Proprietary experimental protocols aimed at moving beyond current boundaries in cancer research
  • International expertise and qualifications of its scientific team
  • Design of new treatments to prevent cancer onset and prolong survival of terminal cancer patients
  • Improve quality and accuracy of anticancer services offered to patients in the clinical setting, and help doctors and patients make more informed therapeutic choices
  • Basic research aimed at identifying targets for new clinical applications in Oncology
  • Development of innovative experimental services related to tumour invasion, cell toxicity, biological signal decoding, genomics and proteomics
  • Design and development of innovative small molecules with high efficacy and selectivity
  • Basic research aimed at discovering new inventions in the medical field displaying a potential for future development of new drug therapies (proof of concept)