Mr. Giuseppe Pitari (CEO)

Mr. Giuseppe Pitari (General Manager, CEO), a graduate in physics with an IT orientation, brings to Vera Salus Ricerca his consolidated professional experience in the fields of Information Technology and Automation of industrial processes, of Budgeting and Controlling of operational and business results, and of Procurement and logistics. Giuseppe is also an expert in the development and implementation of innovative initiatives in operational excellence and continuous improvement of company performance and boasts significant experience and responsibility in the field of identification and implementation of innovative initiatives and projects aimed at ensuring the development and efficiency of large industrial companies. Since incorporation, Giuseppe is the General Manager and CEO of VSR. He is also committed to fulfilment of bureaucratic and administrative requirements as well as to management of non-scientific personnel. Giuseppe leads the HR & General Affairs Department, which also includes the Purchasing and Information Technology functions; this Department also manages communication strategies and trade and tariff policies.